The focus of our practice is residential architecture. Whether a project involves a renovation, an addition to an existing building or new construction, we offer full architectural services at a highly personalized level.  Our clients are central to the design process and we keep them continuously involved.  Our approach is to foster a team approach in which all team members including us — from energy modelers to engineers, contractors to owners — are encouraged to be involved from the very beginning in order to make critical decisions about the materials, systems, and building technologies that form the basis for the design. We believe that this approach creates architecture which is integrated, holistic and innovative, while at the same time considerate of its environmental impact.

While our work is devoted to a concern for space, light, order, and craft, it is guided by our commitment to environmental stewardship through responsible, inventive design and professional leadership.  Environmental issues and architecture are intrinsically linked at every level and we believe that, as architects, we are positioned to provide leadership in environmental responsibility.  For these reasons we have continuously grown our interest and knowledge base in sustainable design. We view a sustainable design approach as not only productive and essential to our profession of designing buildings, but fundamentally important to us as we contemplate what kind of world we will leave to our children.